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Having a survey is the economical way to avoid unpleasant and often costly surprises after completing your property purchase. In some cases, our surveyor's report may also enable you to renegotiate the purchase price.

1. Condition Surveys

Designed for new build and commercial properties, this survey will provide a schedule of conditionĀ that can be used to form a contract with your developer or Freeholder.

2. HomeBuyer Report

This differs from a Building Survey in that it is not as in-depth. It is intended for properties that are conventional in type and construction, and apparently in reasonable condition. A valuation of the property and insurance rebuild costs are also given.

3. Building Survey

(formerly called a Structural Survey)

This is the most comprehensive survey. ItĀ is recommended for older properties or if the property is, for example, of unusual construction, is dilapidated or has been extensively altered.

A valuation and reinstatement cost can be added by separate agreement.

4. Structural Surveys / Defect Surveys

For specific concerns such as cracking, subsidence and damp. As Chartered Building Engineers we are experienced in diagnosing such defects for private clients and institutions.

5. Housing Disrepair Reports

A Housing Disrepair survey is conducted to assess the condition of a residential property and identify any defects or problems that need to be addressed by the landlord or property owner. The purpose of the survey is to ensure that the property is safe and habitable for the tenants and to identify any potential health hazards or safety risks in relation to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Section 11 and other acts of statute. The survey can help to prevent further damage to the property and ensure that necessary repairs are carried out in a timely and effective manner. Ultimately, the goal of a Housing Disrepair survey is to ensure that tenants have access to safe and healthy living conditions in their homes.

6. Structural surveys for Lenders

Structural surveys are a type of inspection that is often requested by lenders to assess the condition of a property before approving a mortgage or loan. The purpose of a structural survey is to identify any defects or potential problems with the building's structure, such as cracks in the walls, sagging floors, or roof leaks, that could affect the property's value or pose a risk to the lender's investment.

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