SelectSurv is an independent Chartered Surveyors representative professional group regulating property industry specialists. SelectSurv is London and surrounding areas premier property professional organization.

SelectSurv establishes, maintains, and regulates property sector standards; all SelectSurv members are trustworthy specialists.

Members of SelectSurv

The SelectSurv, Independent Chartered Surveyors, closely regulate their members, and each surveyor is required to follow stringent codes of conduct to ensure high standards are maintained in the public interest.

To obtain qualifications from the SelectSurv, strict requirements for both experience and education must be met, implying that all SelectSurv members are qualified to assist in all aspects of property affairs.

SelectSurv provides training to ensure that all members’ expertise, skill, and knowledge are kept up to date and relevant throughout their career as a SelectSurv members.

Our SelectSurv panel members are experts in residential and commercial property surveys, such as HomeBuyer Reports (Level 2 Surveys) and Building Surveys (Level 3 Survey). Your SelectSurv surveyor will provide experience and unbiased guidance at every stage of your property acquisition.

Using a SelectSurv surveyor for your home inspection because your home is likely to be the most significant single investment you will ever make, we strongly advise you to hire a SelectSurv surveyor to inspect your potential property before you exchange contracts.

The report your Chartered Surveyor gives you could save you hundreds of pounds in costly repair fees caused by an issue you were unaware of based on your viewings.

Using a SelectSurv surveyor gives you the following peace of mind:

SelectSurv surveyors provide you with straightforward, unbiased, and competent advice.

SelectSurv surveyors are required to carry insurance that protects you.

SelectSurv members are constantly updating their skills and expertise throughout their working lives.

If you are dissatisfied with your SelectSurv surveyor, you can file a complaint with them.

Using a SelectSurv surveyor for your property survey means that, because you pay the surveyor directly, they are working for you and acting in your best interests, providing transparent, impartial expertise regarding the building you are purchasing.

Why should you use us?

Other great Surveyors provide comparable services. We’ve listed a dozen reasons why you should choose us below:

  1. We are well-established, experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the local area.
  2. We are RICS-registered.
  3. We have extensive property market experience across multiple market cycles.
  4. We provide personalized service; we communicate with you throughout the process, updating you on progress as needed.
  5. We focus on London.
  6. We rely on repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals to stay in business.
  7. Turnaround times are typically 3 – 5 days depending on survey type.
  8. We are entirely independent and will not try to sell you anything other than careful, no-nonsense property advice.
  9. We are RICS regulated, and all of our surveyors are RICS qualified and experienced, with adequate PI insurance.

So, if you need any of the services listed above, just contact us, and we will handle all the rest!