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Yes, we are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and many other professional bodies, such as CABE. We are Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Building Engineers.

“Could the surveyor look at the feasibility of extending into the garden or loft?” is a typical question. We are more than happy to try and answer these queries and give any issues you have concerns about extra attention. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Yes, we can be contacted by phone and email.

We carry out a visual inspection of the services, however, we are not able to certify the installation and this will need to be carried out by a specialist contractor pre-purchase if the appropriate certification is not already in place.

Yes, all our reports contain photographs to help you identify any specific problems or defects we may highlight in our surveys.

The report is sent out to you only, unless you instruct us to send a copy to your solicitor or mortgage broker.

We aim for a maximum of 3 working days after the inspection day for Homebuyers and 5 working days after inspection for the Building survey.

We aim to get your report to you within 3 working days for a Homebuyer Report and within 5 working days for a Building Survey or any other type of report, such as a Valuation or Defects Report.

If you have any questions about your report or our services, please contact us via our contact page at, or via email at and we will respond to you promptly.

The Mortgage Valuation (survey) is for the lender only, you do not have the right to question the survey part of the report. The Mortgage Valuation focuses on the price/value of the property, whereas a Homebuyer Report or Building Survey focuses on its condition. It is of immeasurable benefit to be aware of any problems and possible cost implications before you commit to what will probably be the biggest investment of a lifetime.

The valuation (survey) is for the lender only and not in your name and you have no right to question the survey part of the report. You would not buy a car without inspecting it physically and checking the service history. This is similar for properties; the difference being is that this is potentially the biggest investment of a lifetime. It would be of immeasurable benefit to know what issues may occur in the short and long term and have a plan in place to cover the costs for these. A valuation focuses on the price of the property, whereas the building survey focuses on its condition. Realising you have moved into a property wrought with problems can be a nightmare, so don’t let it happen.

In this instance, we may recommend that you undertake further investigations. Our surveys can locate damp problems, but they are non-invasive – walls can’t be opened and fitted floor coverings cannot be removed – and this prevents the surveyor being able to confirm the extent of any dampness. A specialist damp contractor will be able to assess the extent of any damage, any remedial works needed and the cost.

Although asbestos was banned in 1999 it was widely used in a variety of construction materials throughout the 20th century. While many buildings still contain a lot of asbestos materials they are generally safe as long as they are undisturbed. Any asbestos deemed unsafe will need to be inspected and removed by a licenced asbestos contractor. If your surveyor has mentioned asbestos in your report there may also be unseen materials comprising asbestos within the property.

We aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction so we’re confident you will be happy with our services. However, if you have any concerns, please write to us in the first instance and we will investigate and respond promptly. If we cannot resolve the problem we will send you our formal complaints procedure with details of the Property Ombudsman.

A Building Survey (formerly called a Structural Survey) is the most comprehensive survey available and the highest level (Level 3) on the RICS scale. It is ideal for older properties, rundown or unique properties, and those that have been extended or altered. A Building Survey is also advised if you are planning major works to the property. It contains all the elements of the Homebuyer Report but offers a more tailored,  in-depth analysis. A Building Survey does not typically include a valuation, although this can be added by separate arrangement.

A Homebuyer Report (Level 2 on the RICS scale) advises on defects that may affect the property and, if requested, its value. The Homebuyer Report is a cost-effective report and suitable for flats and houses that are modern or unaltered. It is not as comprehensive or in-depth as the Building Survey.

Our Schedule of Condition/Snagging List will note the condition of the property at the time built (new builds) or, in the case of commercial premises, when taking over a new lease. This will indicate the condition of the property when a lease starts so it can be left in a similar condition once the lease is complete.

The main difference is that the Building Survey is much more comprehensive and will give you a highly detailed review of the condition of the property. The Homebuyer Report is cheaper and assesses the general condition of the main elements of the property.

We can advise on which survey is suitable for you.

A property may appear in good condition and it can be tempting to assume there are no major problems with it, but there may be costly discoveries upon moving in. A Survey is carried out to establish that the house is structurally sound and to advise you of current and potential defects; and whether they are expensive, serious, common or to be expected with this type of property. This may allow you to renegotiate on the price agreed.

A property may appear to be in good condition but there may be unpleasant and costly discoveries upon moving in. A survey is carried out to establish that the property is structurally sound and to advise you of any current and potential problems and defects and whether they are serious or to be expected with this type and age of property. Importantly, this knowledge may allow you to renegotiate on the agreed price.

You can find reviews on Google as well as in the testimonials on our website home page,

We ask you for contact details and then we will take everything from here.

We will ask you for the contact details and then take everything from there for you.